For anybody, who may be interested, in reading about the circumstances, surrounding Barry Evans death, I have copied, over some information, via the Barry Evans Coroners Report, from various Newspapers, and the alt.comedy.british newsgroup, which I managed to obtain, during the Autumn of 1998.  

I have no desire, to add my own comments and opinions to this page, and therefore, it is up to anybody who comes across this page, to make their own conclusions, because I have set up my Barry Evans Website, because I intended it to be aimed at Barry's career, and not the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and via the mainframe of this Website, I have already drawn my own conclusions into the mysterious circumstances, surrounding Barry's death, which is good enough for me, but anybody who comes across this page, is more than welcome to draw their own conclusions, thank you.


The Express and Star (Town {Wolverhampton}Final)

Wednesday 14th October 1998

Mystery still surrounds the death of Seventies TV sitcom star Barry Evans - who died from acute alcohol poisoning only days after making a will, an inquest heard today. The coroner for Leicester and South Leicestershire Martin Symington recorded an open verdict on the 52 year-old former star of Doctor in the House and Mind Your Language after hearing he was found dead at his home in February last year with four and a half times the legal drink-drive limit in his blood. Police discovered his fully clothed body lying face down in the lounge of his home, at Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire, after tracing his car to the detached bungalow. On a nearby table was an empty bottle of whisky and a spilled bottle of aspirins priced before decimalization, the court heard. The court was told a youth was charged with attempting to murder Mr Evans, but charges were later dropped by the CPS.

The Express

Thursday 15th October 1998

By Phillip Derbyshire

Former sitcom star Barry Evans drank himself to death because he could not cope with his declining fame, an inquest heard yesterday. Evans 52 was found dead on his sofa with an empty whisky bottle and a spilled container of aspirin at his side. In the weeks before his death from acute alcohol poisoning in February last year, he had been drinking a bottle of whisky every two days. His body was found to have four-and-a-half times the legal drinking limit of alcohol.

Evans found fame, in 1967, in the Cult Film: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. He later, landed the part of Dr Michael Upton, in the Doctor in the House series, before taking on, his best-known role, as the Teacher, in the nineteen seventies Sitcom: Mind Your Language. His friend: RSC Actor: Jimmy Gardner, who had known him, for thirty five years, told the inquest, in Leicester, that Evans, had left London, four years ago, after his acting work, had dried up.

He suffered from mood swings and depression said Mr Gardner adding "For the last four or five years in London, he had worked very little. Evans lived alone in the village of Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire, where he worked as a taxi driver. Another friend, Lawrence Brown, told the inquest: "I got the impression he was missing the publicity of being an actor and that he'd like to get back into acting, but never really did anything about it. He used to discuss what he had done and showed me videos of his work"

Police discovered the actor's body after going to his house to tell him they had recovered his stolen car. James Leadbitter, eighteen years old, was arrested over the theft and later accused of attempted murder. He told police he was a friend of Evans and had visited him, on the day he died to say he would not be calling round again. Leadbitter said after, the actor became upset and drank half a bottle of whisky. The charge of attempted murder was later dropped.

Recording an open verdict, coroner Martin Symington said there was insufficient evidence to prove Evans had intended to kill himself. He added: "Was he perhaps contemplating taking the tablets and the alcohol together, but passed out, before he could use the tablets?"


An attempted murder charge against a teenager brought in connection with the death of 1970's sitcom star, Barry Evans has been dropped, a court heard today. A Not Guilty verdict, was recorded, at Nottingham Crown Court on James Leadbitter, eighteen years old, of Hinckley.


A teenager was yesterday cleared of trying to murder 1970's TV Funnyman: Barry Evans. Prosecutors dropped the case, against 18 year old James Leadbitter - leaving the actor's death, shrouded in mystery. The Crown Prosecution Service admitted it had "no real prospect" of a conviction, against Leadbitter, who denied the charge. Evans, 52, star of the comedy, Mind Your Language, was found dead, last February, at his rundown home, in Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire.


Detectives suspected that he had been poisoned by drink and drugs. Leadbitter of Hinkley, was arrested hours later. His lawyer, Geoffrey Headley, said outside court in Nottingham, yesterday: "He feels highly relieved". "It has always been his contention, that there was no evidence, against him". Evans, who had appeared, in the Comedy Series: Doctor in the House/at Large, and the Film: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, quit Showbusiness, in the early nineties. He had been working as a taxi driver.

Now I hope, that these following press statements, will help to answer, any questions, that anybody has got, about the mystery, surrounding Barry Evans’ passing away. I am afraid, at present, that there has been no more statements, since, then. And all I know is, that another male teenager, was also charged, with breaking, an entry, into the late Barry Evans’ house, and for stealing a few valuable items, which were some antiques, that Barry, had collected, over the years. And, I am not certain, if that went to Court, or not. But the moment, that I hear anything else, via the press, surrounding the mystery of Barry’s passing away, I will definitely, add it, on to this section, as soon, as it is possible, for me, to do so, anyhow!

But my most important task, with writing these pages, of Barry’s life, is mainly to give out details, where his acting appearances, are concerned, and the rest of the main website, will be devoted to his work.

Thank You


Marie Birch

alt.comedy.british newsgroup

Thursday 15th October 1998 at 12.07gmt.



Barry Evans Death - An Update

Barry Evans was a 70's comedy actor, who had been, well known, for TV Programmes, such as: as Doctor in the House, and Mind Your Language. He died last year, in strange circumstances aged 52. He moved to Leicester in1993 to work as a taxi driver.

According to Central news last night, the coroner recorded an open verdict (whatever that actually means)on Barry Evans death. He was found dead on his sofa, on February 10th 1997, official cause of death was alcohol poisoning. An empty bottle of whisky was found nearby, as was a will, he had made out, three days earlier. The inquest was told he drank himself to death. The Police said there were unusual circumstances surrounding the death. His telephone lines had been cut, his credit cards were missing and his car had been found driven by other people on the day of his death. The coroner suggested that the will being nearby could be taken as a suicide note, but the Police said it was unlikely. Strangely a teenager was arrested and charged with his murder, but was acquitted when the prosecution offered no evidence. A friend of the actor, Michael Culver (looks vaguely familiar) said he found it very suspicious that Evans should phone a friend at five in the morning, ask to be called back, and then cut his own telephone lines. Police said the case was closed unless new evidence came up.

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